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I´m Makani Terror, international full time freelance model based in Cologne, Germany.
I have 10 years pro modelling experience in various styles, have been working in many different countries with professional photographers.
I´m a heavy tattooed model with dark long hair, blue eyes and caucasian skin.
Available for Editorial, Beauty, Fashion, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Hair/Makeup, Pin Up, Sportswear, Swimwear, acting.
I´m an experienced and published model, but humble, friendly and easy to work with.
Please feel free to contact me for more information.
Thanks for your time!


I was born as an only child in a small town called Duderstadt. In the beautiful Eichsfeld !Even as a teenager I really liked to dress freaky and extravagant. I called the Punk, Metal

and Gothic scene my home.

We were a group of young freaks. Although I called my Duderstädter clique the "colorfulfamily", we were mostly just dressed in black. The lettering “ PUNX 4ever " was going tobe my first tattoo on my right ankle. The first painted memory on my skin.

During my school days I was interested in art and photography so I opted for anapprenticeship as a photographer, which is why I unfortunately had to cancel after 3months. Nobody likes mobbing.

It was also not possible to get any other possibility to learn this job. So I decided tocomplete the Abitur. I also startet to study philosophy and history but its was just frustratingand boring after a while. I did not know of what use those classes would have been in reallife.

Finally I was leaving my home area to start again in Hamburg where I got the chance in2004 to build one of my passions into a career. Training as a body piercer in a hamburgertattoo and piercing studio.

1.5 years later I changed the shop and area. Moved for 5 years into the Ruhrgebiet,Oberhausen. Here I was manager, body piercer and Shopguy in once.

Incidentally, I discovered the other side of the camera, the scenery, the realization. Thecharm of Tattoo Models.

During this time I transformed myself from Kathrin Tölle in Makani Terror. The term comesfrom the Hawaiian word „Wind“. The Wind is for the natural, wild and inconstancy. Thename Terror came from my favorite band.

At that time my latest boyfriend was able to open a tattooshop in the old house of hisgrandparents. So we opened the incredible „Fallout Tattoo“ in beautiful Münzenberg, nearFrankfurt.

Meanwhile I appeared 42 magazine covers, including America, Mexico, Ireland, Australia,Hungary, Spain, Taiwan and many more. I was seen in music videos for bands likeBelphegor, Caliban or Falling in Reverse. And shot campaigns like BMW Motorrad, EvonikIndustries and Neutrik Electronics.

This job allowed me to travel around the world and enjoy the exchange with foreigncultures and attract new friends.

Together with the organization „Respektiere Leben“ I fight also for animal welfare, a laborof love. As much as I am different today from the Eichsfelder country girl ,so much I'm stillKathrin Tölle under the skin. 

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